Best Pond Liners For Your Water Garden

There are easy ways to create a pond or water garden in your yard. However, by using a pond liner, you can create custom designs to your liking. These are the best pond liners:

TotalPond EPDM Pond Liner

This pond liner is economical, high-quality, and comes in various sizes. TotalPond EPDM liners are 45-mil thick which adds extra strength and durability. They are UV and weather resistant and they have a 20-year warranty.

Beckett Pond PVC Liner

This PVC pond liner has a thickness of 20-mil. It’s ideal for beginner water gardeners due to its low weight and low cost. It’s capable of creating a 945-gallon pond.

Firestone EPDM Pond Liner

This Firestone liner has a 45 mil thickness and is expected to last for about 75 years. It’s a bit heavier than PVC but it can be shaped to fit the outlines of any pond. It is UV resistant as well as resilient against environmental damage and it has a 20-year warranty.

Aquascape EPDM Rubber Liner

The Aquascape EPDM rubber liner is resistant to punctures (45-mil thickness). It is resistant to solar UV, ozone, and oxidation. Aquascape Designs offers a 20-year warranty on its EPDM liners.

Aquascape PRO Grade EPDM Liner For Pond

Aquascape PRO Grade EPDM Liner for ponds features superior elongation and lay-flat characteristics and is easy to install with no special tools required.


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