5 Automatic Pond Fish Feeders That Make Feeding Fish Easier

Feeding your pond fish is an important task. Although most pond fish like koi and goldfish scavenge for algae, insects, and worms, it’s necessary for caretakers to feed them food pellets to ensure that they get proper nutrition.

Feeding pond fish is quite simple but, to make it even easier, here are the best automatic pond fish feeders:

P7000 Pond Fish Feeder

The P7000 Pond Fish Feeder has a large 30-cup capacity and an easy-to-read LCD digital display. It offers accurate and consistent portion control that is capable of dispensing both food sticks and pellets. It’s best used to feed smaller goldfish and koi ponds. Weatherproof

udgtee 4.25L Automatic Pond Fish Feeder

The udgtee LCD Digital 4.25L Auto Pond Fish Feeder is a simple machine that holds about 18cups (4.25L) of food hopper. There’s a digital display and it can be programmed to feed fish anywhere from once to 4 times daily for a period of 1 to 99 days.

Ocamo Automatic Pond Fish Feeder

The Ocamo is a commercial automatic fish feeder that’s convenient and easy to use. It has a timing mechanism that allows you to set up automatic feeding of fish in small ponds, dried grain fish food, for up to 99 days.

Fish Mate P21 Automatic Pond Fish Feeder

The Fish Mate P21 Automatic Pond Fish Feeder provides a simple and reliable way to feed your fish while you’re away. It can be set to feed up to 21 daily meals and the quantity of food can be adjusted as needed. It dispenses any type of fish food and is ideal for small ponds and large aquariums.

Flexzion Automatic Fish Food Feeder

The Flexzion Automatic Fish Food Feeder dispenses fish-pond food automatically and has up to 4 user-programmable daily feeding settings. It can serve food anywhere between 1 to 99-days using a programmable feeding schedule with adjustable portion sizes.