7 Fish That Can Live With Goldfish

It’s crucial that you pick the right tank mates for goldfish to keep your community tank peaceful. Here seven of the best goldfish tank mates:

Best Goldfish Tank Mates

The following recommended tank mates are for fancy goldfish. The common, shubunkin, or comet goldfish are fast-moving fish that attack other fish. For these kinds of goldfish, other goldfish of similar sizes of the same species are good tank mates.

Rosy Barbs

Rosy barbs and goldfish can live together under the right conditions. Rosy barbs are shoaling fish and need to be in groups of five or more. The more barbs, the less aggressive there are.

These fish eat flakes, pellets, and frozen foods. There are rather easy to care for, and their striking color makes them pleasant to look at.

Rosy barbs grow to 6 inches in length, so they are too big for goldfish to eat. But, your tank needs to be big enough to give both species plenty of room.

Bristlenose Pleco

Bristlenose plecos make excellent tank mates for goldfish. These bottom feeder fish are gentle and won’t bother your goldfish. Plecos are also good for your tank because they like eating algae that grow on plants, decor, and rocks in the tank.

Zebra Danios

Zebra danios and goldfish can live in the same temperature range. But, these tiny fish are so small that your goldfish can eat them. So, there is some risk when keeping them together.

Zebra danios are faster than goldfish so they can stay away from goldfish if need be. You can also add some freshwater plants or artificial decor to give the danios some places to hide.

Banded Corydoras

Banded Corydoras are friendly fish that like to live in groups of five or more. They usually stick to the bottom of the tank in search of food and help to keep the tank clean. They grow to about 4 inches in length, too big for goldfish to eat, and they can live in the same temperature as goldfish.

White Cloud Mountain Minnows

White Cloud Mountain Minnows are cold-water fish. So, they can live a goldfish tank without issue. But, White cloud mountain minnows like to school, so you need to keep 6 of them in the aquarium. These fish are also faster than goldfish, so they aren’t easy prey.

Giant Danios

Giant danios are bigger than Zebra danios, but they look almost the same. Since they like to school, a group of six or more is best to keep them happy. Use artificial decor to give them hiding spots if needed. These fish are faster than goldfish, so in a mixed tank, be sure that they don’t eat up all the food.

Apple Snails

Apple snails are a freshwater snail species that thrive in aquariums. Snails are great tank mates for your goldfish, but it’s best to add snails to the tank while the goldfish is young. Goldfish can try to eat apple snails, but their shell and size make it difficult for them to do so.

How To Choose Goldfish Tank Mates?

The ideal goldfish tank mate should be able to live in water temperatures of 65° and 75°F (18°-24°C). The fish should be at least 3-4 inches in length to prevent goldfish from eating them.

If you do decide to keep smaller fish with goldfish, they need to be faster, and the tank needs to be at least 40-gallons. Adding plants and other decorations can provide hiding spots for smaller fish.

Goldfish are not aggressive fish. So, do not keep aggressive tank mates with your goldfish. Aggressive fish can bully your goldfish and cause it to die.

What Fish Cannot Live with Goldfish?

  • Tetras. Tetras prefer warmer water. Goldfish are also messy, and it’s challenging to keep the water balanced. So, tetras will have a difficult time adjusting to the tank.
  • Mollies. Like Tetras, mollies are tropical fish that won’t tolerate colder water. Also, mollies can be aggressive and may attack your goldfish. They can injure goldfish, cause stress, which leads to death.
  • Guppies. Guppies are also tropical fish that won’t tolerate cooler water temps for too long. Even if you tweak the water settings after a while, both fish can show signs of stress.