Malaysian Trumpet Snail Care Guide: Diet, Size, Lifespan

Aquarists can buy the Malaysian trumpet snail in most pet stores at an affordable price. Malaysian trumpet snails are scavengers and spend most of their time in search of and eating food.

Minimum tank size5 gallon
Temperature64.5-86 °F/18-30 °C
Quick overview of Malaysian Trumpet Snail


Malaysian Trumpet Snails are smaller species of freshwater aquarium snails that grow to about 1/2″ to 1″ in length. The female Malaysian trump snail is a bit larger than males but other than that it is difficult to tell the gender.


The average lifespan of the Malaysian trumpet snails is about one year. Under the right water conditions and with a healthy diet they can live longer.


The diet of Malaysian trumpet snails is usually left-overs. They will eat uneaten fish food, fish flakes, bottom feeder tablets, pellets, and algae wafers. Malaysian trumpet snails also eat soft algae growing on hard surfaces.


Malaysian Trumpet Snails do not lay eggs but birth live young. They are also able to reproduce asexually. Like some other species of freshwater aquarium snail, they reproduce rather fast.


Malaysian trumpet snails are small and grow up to a size of around 1 inch. They have a light brown, cone-shaped shell with rows of darker colored markings and a light grey body.

Tank Mates

The ramshorn snail is peaceful, so it is best to keep them with other peaceful aquarium pets. When threatened, ramshorn snails retreat to their shells for protection. Here are some good tanks mates for ramshorn snails:

Freshwater aquarium fish like:

Other Snails:

Some species of aquarium shrimp:

To stop Malaysian trumpet snails from overrunning your aquarium, you can limit debris and food or add an assassin snail to help control the population.

Tank Size

Malaysian trumpet snail care is easy so they can live in a small covered tank like five or 10-gallon aquarium. Larger tanks also work well if you plan to keep fish or other aquatic animals.

Water Conditions

  • Aquarium pH: 7 – 8
  • Hardness: Hard
  • Water Temperature: 64.5-86 °F/18-30 °C
  • Lighting: Standard lighting

Things To Consider

Aquarium Plants

Malaysian Trumpet Snails like tanks with lots of live aquarium plants. Plants shed edible material which the snails eat as part of their diet. Malaysian Trumpet Snails do not eat live plants, only the debris.


Dead Malaysian trumpet snails sink to the tank bottom. If your snail is at the bottom of the aquarium and has not moved in quite some time, it is more than likely dead. Some snails may die while buried in the substrate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Malaysian trumpet snails bad?

Malaysian trumpet snails can become pests if not kept under control. But these snails are not bad for an aquarium. Malaysian trumpet snails help prevent gas build p in the substrate as well as eat uneaten food.

Are Malaysian trumpet snails asexual?

Malaysian Trumpet snails reproduce asexually. And, they are also livebearers. These snails usually give birth to one live baby snail a month.

How big do Malaysian trumpet snails get?

Malaysian trumpet snails are a small snail species and usually grow to a size of around 1/2u0022 to 1u0022.


Video: Malaysian Trumpet Snail Basic Care