Best Fish Tank Decorations & Ideas

Setting up and decorating a fish tank is a fun and exciting process. Tank ornaments are not expensive, and you can have a lot of fun choosing your tank decor elements. Here are the best fish tank decor ideas to make your aquarium beautiful:

Unique Fish Tank Decorations

We have searched online to show you some of our favorite fish tank ornaments. This is only a small selection, as you will find out when you do a deep dive on aquarium theme decorating! Here are a few of the best unique fish tank decorations:

SpongeBob Pineapple House Aquarium Ornament

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? The SpongeBob Pineapple House fish tank decor is safe for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

Krusty Krab Aquarium Ornament

Mr. Krabs likes money, but there’s no doubt that his patties are the best. Will your fish stop by for a bite inside this Krusty Krab aquarium decoration?

Chum Bucket Aquarium Ornament

Or are you a fan of Plankton? Then, you can add this Chum Bucket decoration to your aquarium instead.

Aquarium Rock Design Ideas

You can also use colorful stones and rocks to decorate your fish tank. Many aquarium decoration ideas use stones in naturally themed fish tanks. The most used rock decors are glass rock, river pebbles, and rainbow rock. You can also use natural stones that you find outdoors. Make sure that you boil them for about 3 hours to kill any harmful bacteria. Also, avoid sharp rocks like lace rock.

Shipwreck Aquarium Decor

Shipwreck decor is another unique fish tank idea if you want to go for an accurate underwater setup. Sunken ships not only add beauty to your tank but also provide hiding places for fish.

Bubble Makers & Air Stones

Bubble makers are one of those fish tank decoration ideas that not only intrigue fish but keep fish owners entertained as well. They can be relaxing to see. From a practical perspective, bubble makers are great for aquariums with lots of fish. It is because they help create more oxygen in the water, which is a must for fish.

Castle Aquarium Decoration

Medieval lovers will enjoy decoration ideas that add castles to the aquascape. Castle decor can add visual interest for fish. They also protect your fish to rest and passageways to keep them entertained.


Driftwood can be part of most aquascapes. But, natural driftwood is more suited for planted aquariums. It can anchor individual freshwater aquarium plants and provide hiding spots for fish.

Aquarium Cave Ideas

Caves make for excellent fish tank decor because they give hiding places to timid fish or fish that hide.

Not only do they protect fish, but aquarium caves can also act as a food source for fish, snails, and shrimp. Why? When algae grow on the outside of the cave decor, your pets will eat it up from time to time.

Statue Decor

Statues can be of other animals or people. They can also act as feeders for algae-eating snails and algae-eater fish when algae grow on the surface. Choose a size that can fit your aquarium.

Live Plants

Live plants add beauty to any fish tank. Plants also help get rid of waste material and replenish oxygen for fish. There are different kinds of aquarium plants based on the position they occupy within the tank. But, you can mix and match and come up with a unique layout.

Weird Fish Tank Decorations

You can go all out with your aquarium decor themes; so much so that weird fish tank decorations aren’t unusual. Check out these clickable images below – the coolest, weird fish tank decorations:

Funny Fish Tank Decorations

Here are some funny fish tank decor ideas:

Cool Fish Tank Decorations

There is a fabulous choice of aquarium ornaments available – from your local pet store, or online. If you want something cooler than what you’ve seen so far, check out these cool fish tank decor ideas all available on Amazon: