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4 Reasons Not To Buy Acrylic Aquariums

There are many advantages when choosing to buy acrylic fish tanks instead of a glass tank. However, there are a few drawbacks that you should consider. Here are four reasons not to buy an acrylic aquarium:


Acrylic fish tanks can be expensive. The cost is due to both the durability and shipping conditions. Though acrylic is durable, it is easy to scratch. Thus, sellers need to find the means to deliver the product intact. To avoid this, you can buy in-store and see to the delivery yourself.


Because acrylic is easy to scratch, it’s best to keep out of the reach of children and animals. If you are prone to being a bit clumsy, acrylic might not be the best choice for you. Even the fish inside the aquarium can cause scratches. So, it’s something to consider.


Clarity shouldn’t be a problem if you buy high-quality acrylic aquariums. But, there are low-quality acrylic tanks which may turn yellow over time. It is more likely to happen due to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.


A lot of support across the top helps prevent the material from falling apart. You’ll also need a thicker bottom for the tank or a stand that can support the entire bottom of the aquarium. You need a lot of support to keep the tank bottom from pulling away from the seams. It is more necessary for larger tanks.