Brazilian Sword Plant – Terrible Idea For Aquarium

The Brazilian Sword is one of the most popular plants for an aquarium sold in fish stores. It has green leaves and sturdy stems, and a crown. The crown is the point where the stem starts. Roots shoot out and grow downward from it too.

A Brazilian Sword may also go by the name of Peace Lily. You can find Brazilian Sword plants on display at stores submerged in tanks or planted in little plastic pots.

The plants in display tanks often look great, and they are appealing. But the Brazilian Sword isn’t an actual aquatic plant. It’s more like a terrarium or bog plant.

On fish forums and Reddit threads, there has been a lot of discussion about Brazilian Sword. There is some debate on the internet about whether the plant is an actual aquarium plant or not. Many aquarists claim that their Brazilian Sword plant is dying or has died. Others state that their plant survives wholly submerged in water. What’s the truth?

Brazilian Sword Plant
Brazilian Sword Plant

Brazilian Sword vs Amazon Sword

One pet store can sell a Brazilian Sword plant species. Another pet shop can sell a similar-looking plant with the same name. The first plant will die when completely submerged in water. But, the second plant survives.

You think that they were both the same plants. But, in actuality, they were different. The second plant was an Amazon Sword plant, which is well submerged underwater. The Brazilian Sword and Amazon Sword plant look similar.
I use this example to show that tags in fish stores aren’t always accurate. Mistakes happen.

It is difficult to tell how aquarium plants are doing. Sometimes they die slowly, and sometimes they die quickly. If you are not sure if the plant is good for an aquarium, ask the person at the store.

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Final Thoughts

If you are just starting out with plants, don’t worry if they die. It is not because you did something wrong. The plant might be suitable for the aquarium. This is a mistake that many people make. It’s not a big deal to make this mistake. You can learn from what you did wrong and do better next time. If you really want to see a Brazilian Sword thrive, plant it and let it grow in a terrarium. It’s sure to amaze you with its beautiful flowers.