Aquarium Banana Plant Care: Planting, Roots

The Aquarium Banana Plant is a freshwater aquarium plant sold in most pet stores. Other names include Banana Lilly, Fairy Water Lily, Big Floating Heart, Banana Plant, Aquatic Banana Plant, Freshwater Banana Plant, or Nymphoides Aquatica.

Aquarium banana plants look best in the foreground. The thick green tubers resemble the banana fruit that we eat (hence the name).

When the aquarium banana plant grows, it produces a long leaf stem that shoots upward to the surface of the water. Sometimes, it may produce small white flowers on the surface fo the water as well.

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How To Buy Healthy Aquatic Banana Plants

When you buy an aquarium banana plant, the leaves should be green and healthy-looking. These plants have solid green leaves. There should be no tears or holes in the leaves. The leaves can range from light green to dark green.
You can trim damaged leaves. But, if the freshwater banana plant looks like it won’t have many leaves left after trimming the damaged leaves then you should not buy it.

Also, when buying an aquarium banana plant, check the tubers. Tubers are the thick oval tubes underneath the stem that look like mini bananas. The tubers store the plant’s nutrients. The roots of the plants grow from the tubers. So, there should be tubers and these tubers should look healthy, thick, and green. Plants should not have algae growing on the leaves or other parts of the plant.

How To Plant Aquarium Banana Plant

There are two main ways to plant an aquarium banana plant. It all depends on whether the banana plant sinks or floats in the fish tank and the water flow of the aquarium.

In aquariums with calm water, it’s best to let the freshwater banana plant float above the substrate. This way, the banana plant can grow roots via the stem above the tubers. After a while, the roots grow down and take hold within the substrate.

In fish tanks that have a strong current, be sure that the tubers of the aquarium banana plant are not buried more than a 1/4 of an inch beneath the substrate.

How To Care For An Aquarium Banana Plant

Aquarium banana plants are easy to care for and are very hardy. These plants can thrive in varying tank sizes but aim for a 10 gallon tank minimum.

The aquarium banana plant is a foreground plant, so its best to root it in the substrate. Generally, aquatic banana plants do well at pH levels between 6.0 to 7.5, and the water temperature should be between 70 – 82 Degrees Fahrenheit.

As for lighting, moderate exposure to standard community tank lighting is enough for healthy growth. Aquarium banana plants usually grow a new leaf once every few weeks. They also produce new runners and roots over time.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How big does a aquarium banana plant get?

The Banana Plant is usually 2 to 3-inches tall in stores. But, it can grow up to about 6 inches tall inn an aquarium.

How do you propagate aquarium banana plants?

When your banana plant shoots a runner to the surface, wait for the lily pad leaf to unfold. When mature, cut the stalk off so that at least 4 inches remain. Put the cutting back inside the aquarium and wait a few weeks. The separate stalk will then produce roots at the base and grow its own leaves.