What Is An Aquarium Air Stone? – 3 Reasons You Need One

An aquarium air stone is a device used in an aquarium to create bubbles. The bubbles provide oxygen to the water and make it look more appealing. But these little oxygen rocks for fish tanks do more than make it look good!

These small porous stones or lime wood devices diffuse air and cut out the noise. We’ve all had the dreaded loud and obnoxious canister filter. Adding air rocks to your aquarium water makes for a much more pleasant experience. They also prevent large bubbles, which are common with conventional filtration systems.

What Does A Fish Tank Air Stone Do?

Water in any fish tank needs to flow. Stagnant water is not suitable for fish and other aquatic life. An air stone makes tiny bubbles that disrupt the water, allowing oxygen to circulate. An airstone helps produce oxygen, keeping the water moving.

Most aquarists use these inexpensive air stones to improve water circulation in their fish tanks.

Why Are Air Stones Important?

An essential function of an air stone is to oxygenate the water. However, it also promotes the development of some fish and aids with filtration.

Oxygen Rocks Oxygenate Water In Aquariums

Aquarium Air Stone

As discussed in the article, 5 Reasons You Need An Aquarium Air Pump:

Water surface agitation is necessary. The surface of the water is where gas exchange happens. For example, it’s where oxygen enters the water and where carbon dioxide leaves. Without proper water flow or surface agitation, oxygen won’t make its way into the water, and carbon dioxide won’t be able to exit.

Not to mention, fish, plants, and bacteria release gases in the water. These gases need to move from the water to the atmosphere. Without flow or agitation, the gases become trapped in the fish tank.

Air Stones Improve Fish’s Physical Activity

Animals, like humans, need exercise. Without adequate exercise, your fish’s health deteriorates. They become lazy, sick, and could die. When there is an air stone, the water circulates more and offers resistance as fish swim. This tiny bit of resistance can benefit your fish’s physical fitness and health.

Air Rocks Improve Filtration In The Fish Tank

With proper water circulation, gases are removed from the fish tank. So, the more bubbles the air stone creates, the more toxic waste is released from the tank. This could help prevent the water from becoming cloudy or murky.

The Bottom Line – Do You Need An Air Stone?

There is no harmful effect of having an air stone. Even if you have a filter or an air pump, adding an air rock is still beneficial. Air stones keep the water oxygenated, flowing, and clean. Not to mention that it improves your fish’s physical fitness and health. They are also affordable pieces of aquarium equipment. Think of them as another decoration piece to add to your fish tank. The only difference is that ‘oxygen rocks’ are beneficial in more ways than one.

If you want to purchase an inexpensive air rock for your fish tank, most aquarists use these inexpensive ones to improve water circulation in their fish tanks.

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