10 Best Tank Mates For Angelfish

Angelfish are beautiful fish, but they will eat any fish that can fit into their mouths. Angelfish tank mates should be peaceful and not too small so the angelfish can’t eat them. Compatible tankmates must also tolerate the same water temperatures as angelfish. So, what kind of fish can you put with angelfish?

How To Choose Angelfish Tank Mates?

Angelfish like to be near the top of the tank. Tankmates that prefer the lower levels are the perfect match. So, the angelfish swim about the top and the other fish enjoy the rest of the tank.

Angelfish are cichlids that originate from South America. They prefer tropical water temperatures. So, look for other freshwater tropical fish that enjoy warm waters around 78°-80°F (25.6°-26.7°C). So, goldfish are not compatible.

They can grow to 6-8 inches and will eat smaller fish. So, try to keep fish that grow to two more inches in length. Also, don’t keep bigger and more aggressive fish with your angelfish. Even if these larger fish can’t eat your angelfish, they can attack them, injure them, and kill them.

Best Tank Mates For Angelfish

Boesemani Rainbow Fish

Bosemani rainbow fish grow to 4 inches in size. So, they’re too big for angelfish to eat. These fish are social with other bosemani fish and ignore other fish in the tank.

Bristlenose Pleco

Bristlenose Plecos are bottom-feeder fish, so they hang out at the bottom of the tank. These fish feed on algae and any leftover food that sinks to the bottom of the aquarium.

Bristlenose Plecos are great tank mates for angelfish because they are too big for the angelfish to eat, stay out of their way, and clean algae that grow in the tank.

Can plecos live with Angelfish?

Bristlenose Plecos are peaceful and easy to care for fish. Plecos are great angelfish tank mates due to their small size and they also help keep your tank clean. Plecos will eat algae and leftover food.

Dwarf Gourami

angelfish and gourami
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Angelfish and some species of Gourami can live together in the same tank. Dwarf Gouramis, for example, make perfect tankmates for Angelfish. The two species of fish share similar habitats so you can set up your tank to work well for both.

If you’re going to keep dwarf gourami with angelfish, add some live plants or tank decor to give them places to hide. Try to keep only females or no more than one male gourami. Males will fight each other, which can stress other fish and gouramis.

Corydoras Catfish

Cory catfish are easy to care for and keep your tank clean as they search for uneaten food at the tank’s bottom. These catfish are schooling, so you’ll need to add at least six cory cats to your aquarium to make them happy. The more, the better.

Guppy Fish

Guppies are not good fish to keep with angelfish. Avoid keeping fancy guppies with angelfish because the angelfish will nip at the guppy’s extravagant tail and fins. And, remember that these are animals, if you don’t feed your angelfish, then they’ll eat the next best thing, your guppies.

Bushynose Pleco

Bushynose plecos are small compared to the common pleco. They are bottom-feeding fish and eat algae and leftover food. If you keep live plants in the aquarium, bushynose plecos will eat them if they are hungry.

Lemon Tetras

Lemon tetras make for excellent angelfish tank mates since they are peaceful and easy to care for. They can live in a variety of water conditions and get along with other peaceful fish.

Can Tetras Live With Angelfish?

Some species of Tetras share a native habitat with Angelfish so they make great tank mates. You should use caution when keeping them with long-finned fish as Tetras like to nip at fins.


Platies are colorful little fish that can live together with angelfish. They are lively and prolific breeders, so you might want to keep an eye out for pregnant females. Try to keep a ratio of three females to one male per tank.

Kuhli Loach

When keeping Kuhli loaches with angelfish, aim for three or more loaches because they like to be in a group. These fish come out during the night and search for food at the bottom of the tank.


Molly fish are great beginner freshwater aquarium fish that tend to breed as fast as platies and guppies. Their size makes them good tank mates for angelfish because they are too big for angelfish to eat.

Rainbow Fish

rainbow fish and angelfish
Rainbowfish and Angelfish

Angelfish and real rainbow fish can live together because both species grow in similar water conditions. Also, angelfish and rainbowfish are similar in size when fully grown. Special precautions can also help mitigate any aggression between the two species.

Are Angelfish Good Community Fish?

Angelfish are good community fish so long as you put them with compatible tank mates. For instance, other angelfish are the best tank mates. But, you can also house fish like tetras, gouramis, and cory catfish in the same community tank.

Do Angelfish Kill Other Fish?

Freshwater angelfish are not as aggressive as saltwater angelfish. Nonetheless, angelfish will attack and kill any fish that can fit into their mouths. Also, when mating, they tend to show aggression toward other fish in the tank.

Do Angelfish Eat Other Fish?

Angelfish will not hesitate to eat smaller fish. They will eat any fish small enough to fit into their mouths. Most fish will cannibalize eggs, fry, and larvae as well.

How Many Angelfish Should Be Kept Together?

To keep angelfish happy and active, keep them in groups of four or more. The tank must be big enough and tall enough to house all the angelfish. For example, you can keep marble angelfish, gold angelfish, and Altum angelfish together. Veiled angelfish have long fins, and if you house them in the same aquarium as other fish, you should expect fin nipping.

For best results, try to keep a school of five to six of the same species of angelfish. There will be territorial disputes and competition in the tank, but it rarely ends in a fatality.

Can Angelfish Live With Goldfish?

Unfortunately, goldfish and angelfish cannot live together. Goldfish are peaceful and can live in large groups. Although angelfish can live with other angelfish, they tend to be aggressive. So, it won’t be a good idea to keep Goldfish and Angelfish together.

Moreover, angelfish and goldfish like different water temperatures. Angelfish are tropical fish and do well in temperatures of 75 degrees and above. Goldfish, however, prefer colder water temperatures, usually below 72 degrees.

Can Betta Fish Live With Angelfish?

Angelfish are not compatible with betta fish even though they can live in comparable tank conditions. Betta fish tend to fight similar-looking fish. Yet, many aquarists have successfully kept both species together in large tanks.